To the visitor of a sport organization

Support of nine sport organization warm treatment plans

Nine support delightful on the organization

1.Group Reduction

I correspond to a budget flexibly at the visitor of organization reservation.

2.Breakfast Buffet

A breakfast Viking with abundant number of articles.
Since I open from 6:00, a game is also safe early morning.


According to a budget, I prepare a supper menu.
(A buffet style and one person peak correspondence)

4.Large Bathroom No Charge

The body after a sport which got tired is cured at the Koumeiseki hot spring.

5.Clean Room

Guardians are also safe at automatically locking from 1 other-people room to the a lot of people room.

6.Large-sized Parking Lot

A motor coach is also safe parking.

7.It is Less Than 2 Minute to Convenience Store.

There are Seven-Eleven and FamilyMart in 2 minutes.

8.Laundromat Full Equipment (Charge)

A consecutive stay is also safe. I am carrying out laundromat full equipment inside a hall.
* I also introduce a nearby laundromat.

9.Ice Service

I prepare for nothing the visitor that ice is required, as much as possible on the game day at a cooler box.(* important point prior arrangement)

Guidance of neighboring equipment

Institution name The time required from a hotel Baseball field Rubber-ball baseball field Gymnasium Soccer Rugby Pool Track and field Tennis Gate ball Judo Kendo Kyudo
Miyazaki synthesis athletic park 30 minutes
Ikime no mori Athletic park 15 minutes              
Miyazaki prefecture gymnasium 10 minutes                  
Miyazaki city gymnasium 10 minutes              
Hisamine Athletic park 30 minutes              
Haginodai Park 25 minutes                  
Kiyotake A comprehensive athletic park 30 minutes            
Saitobaru Athletic park 60 minutes                
Kiyomizudai General park 60 minutes